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Ahimsa (his spiritual name) was born in Wellington New Zealand in the year of 1951. In his early teenage years he began taking a interest in the spiritual quest for enlightenment. Years went by reading and experiencing personally the many different kinds of alternative religions and beliefs available.

He learnt meditation techniques from Buddhist monks and the Brahma Kumaries, worshipped in the Temples of Sai Baba & Krishna devotees, studied with the Paramahansa Yogananda Self Realization Society, and was one of the first in New Zealand to take initiation from the founder of the world known “Yoga in Daily Life” HH Swami Paramahansa Maheshwarananda.

He spent time as a member of the Theosophical Society, studied different Eastern Meditation & Religious techniques, helped in starting a Yoga Spiritual Centre, and together with his wife managed a Temple and Vegetarian drop in Centre. for a time.. Ahimsa also studied the Bhagavad-Gita, the teachings of The Tao and of the Buddha.

In the early years he refined the Hand Psychology system that he used for many years  as well as qualifying as a Natural Therapist. He studied and received a Reiki Masters Degree from a world known Reiki master and became a Spiritual counsellor and life guidance coach. He also has qualified and holds a Diploma in Psychotherapy specialising in Reality Therapy.

Ahimsa has been a life long ( 40+ years) student (Chela) & disciple of the teachings of great soul and Spiritual light Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, who was a healer, author, psychic and spiritual teacher & of the teachings of Derek Neville, Deng Ming-Dao and others.

Over these years he has met, engaged in dialog with, and associated with some number of Swami, Buddhist monks and Guru, many often been hosted in his home.

He now lives in the Wairarapa region of Aotearoa/New Zealand with his wife, living on a small semi-self sufficient country block of land.

A number of Mature seekers known only as "The Old Ones" long ago invited Ahimsa to walk beside them as they travel their spiritual path.

These "Old Ones" have long put down their books, and forgone the workshops and lectures and now quietly LIVE THEIR TRUTH without the need for public recognition. They are the "unseen Healers" of the world.

The Path you seek my friends it is not at all complicated this I can promise you.

It is simple

It is simple

It is simple.

AHIMSA himself lays no claim to grand titles such as Guru, Healer or Teacher.

Those that are in personal contact with him know and address him only "as a friend on the Path." His time has always been given freely and he receives no financial gain or profit from his work.. He preaches no personal religion, creed or dogma, for it is you, the seeker, that is important, not him.