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                  Homie              8/3/1950- 6/13/2020


Homie was selfless man  with a great sense of humor and will be missed by all that knew him.


  Homie's family still on the earth are wife Carol of 47 years, daughter Stacy, son in law Tim, grandson Levi, granddaughter Sarah and sister-in-law Arlene. We all carry in our hearts to comfort us, the wonderful memories of our beloved Homie. You were a friend and guide to us all. We love you. You are free and at peace. One day we will all be together again. You were a bright light in the darkness my best friend. Now your light is reunited again with the light within us all. 



The Homester was by far the most relaxed, humble, laid-back, hardworking person I ever knew.

What a combo, right!

It was always an  honor to be in his presence. One always left his presence relaxed, renewed  and inspired. Even more was the honor for my children to be raised with that presence. No doubt the other realm is enjoying his energy full throttle.

Stacy AKA Homie's off spring


        Ride free my friend, we will meet again . 

Homie was an old soul with a very special Spiritual     understanding.

       We will have that ride together my friend.                                                      Ahimsa


                               Kenrick Finlayson 

                                                    MYSTICA PUBLICATIONS

Ken was a friend for over 50 years