The Temple of Inner Wisdom.

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When we search for “the truth” in the greater complexities of this material world we soon get lost in a barrage of a million different arguments thrown in our direction to disturb us. But as soon as we begin to search within ourselves, making certain that we put that inner world to rights first, we soon find “the truth” and it begins to live in us, work for us, and be us, thereby helping the rest of creation as a whole. We now realise that “love” is the only way forward. We know, now, instinctively, that there is no other way to find peace and harmony in this world. If we try look for love outside ourselves we search in vain. But as soon as we begin to say “The way of love is the way of truth for me, from now on in I shall look into my own soul, and build my TEMPLE OF INNER WISDOM there,, no matter what the rest of the world may say or do, this will be my sanctuary” a whole new world opens up to us.

(Here I invite you, my friend, to read or re read the poem PUT OF THY SHOES by DEREK NEVILLE . Read it through and jot down your thoughts, your realizations, your understandings of each verse. If you wish to discuss it please feel free to share it with me). This way of thinking leads to the true awakening of the soul and this way of thinking will send out perpetual ripples of love and peace throughout the whole universe and beyond. By travelling within yourself my friend, clearing your mind to all you have ever read or heard in the past, without taking any of this false outside baggage inside with you, and by building up that Inner Temple of Wisdom, one can only find “the truth”..... for there is nothing false that can live there within that Temple.

Now we can look at the world with bright new eyes, eyes of compassion, wisdom, love and understanding. Now we can see that others may be not so bad after all. We can see now how the worries and troubles of the material world shape the lives of the many that have not yet found their truth within. We can see now the world around us, yes be it dusty and torn, is still looking for beauty,warmth, peace and serenity. But now we know where that beauty,peace and serenity can be found. Yes it lies within

We and we alone must find this truth, as no teacher can teach us, no book can do the work for us, no mantra or prayer

can help, as all these things are outside of yourself. You will only find your truth on the INWARD JOURNEY.

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Blessings to you my friends, I pray all is well in your part of the universe.

I have been asked by number of seekers who have emailed me, just how does one begin the journey of this inward path that has been talked about by so many of the great souls that have blessed us with their presence in this material world....just how does one begin?

There is one way that will help you take this first step of the journey.

First my friend make sure you will not be disturbed in any way...

Make yourself comfortable in a chair or in any way that you prefer.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply, concentrating on the rhythm of your breath, counting it in cycles of three until you begin to feel relaxed and calm. (Breath in deeply for the count of 3, hold for the count of 3, exhale for the count of 3, wait for the count of 3, inhale again and repeat).

Then my friend let you imagine walking along in a forest and entering a beautiful and peaceful wooded glade. Look around, there is no hurry......see what is growing there...are there wild flowers, is there a pond, what do the trees look like....what do the flowers smell like, take your time......enjoy.....

After a while you will notice a door at the far end of the is covered in part by vines covered in fragment flowers. Walk over to it slowly and push the vines apart and open the door gently.

Step inside and wait for a while for your eyes to adjust to the light, when they adjust you find you are in a wonderful secret Temple, a place were no evil can are safe and sound...

Look around and taking your time note, what you the Temple plain and roughly cut from the earth, is it a cave, is it simple or it is highly decorated?.....look around and see, notice what every nook and cranny looks like..

There before you at the far end of the Temple is an Alter and there sitting upon it is a golden chalice.....this challis is the Holy Grail of all knowledge that you have searched for, for such a long time & within this Holy Cup lies the answers to all that you seek.

Take a moment or two for this to sink in.......for here lies all!

Take a moment or two and then ask any question that you like, or ask what message the cup has for you at this moment in your life. Approach the chalice, pick it up and look deep inside. What is written inside the chalice? Can you hear anything?

Note what you see or hear.....If nothing is not worry an answer is sure to come over the next day or so.

When you have finished return the Chalice to the Alter.........give thanks and when you are ready to leave the Temple, return the way you came in.

Close the door and replace the vines.

Retrace your footsteps back through the glade

Return now gently to normal consciousness counting back from ten to one......10........9.........8.....7 etc

Go over in your mind what happened & note anything you saw or heard from within the chalice, any message you received, any feeling you experienced.

My friends each and every time you do this exercise it will be new and exciting. Each time will take you deeper and more and more will be revealed to you. You have just spent time in the TEMPLE OF INNER WISDOM and have looked deep into the Holy Chalice of ALL wisdom. All this is within you!


 From a talk on Healing

by Ahimsa.

Often I am asked the question “I would like to become a Healer, how can I do this?” and my answer to this is “what do

you consider a Healer to be, and how do they heal”? More often than not the answer to my question is that a Healer,

heals others by the laying on of hands and relieving the person of dis-easement of mind and body. Many expect to

achieve the same results instantaneously and be like Jesus or indeed Dr Mac. Quite often we see this form of hands on Healing being performed at New Age gatherings/fairs and churches etc. We may have seen the advertisements in the paper or even been told by someone “I am a Healer.” But healing comes in many ways and is quite often not performed in this hands on way at all. “So how then can I become a Healer and what should I do?” I am asked. Chances are my friend, you already are a Healer .is my answer.

A mother for instance “Heals” on a daily basis without thought. How is this? I shall tell you...The child falls and bangs his knee...Who does he run to nine times out of ten?...“Mother” of course. Why? Because he knows instinctively without being told, that Mother can Heal him. His Mother can Heal with a rub, a kiss, a cuddle, a kind and loving word....maybe she blows her breath on the sore spot and tells him “you are better now”, it is all right. The Mother Heals without any

thought of reward, fame, ego or riches. She Heals because she can, and like Jesus, she then moves on to the next task

at hand. No fanfare, no drama, no expectation of greatness. This is true hands on Healing. But there are many other

ways of Healing more often used, and they are there, all about you daily, and you may not have noticed them at all.

Perhaps you have received a smile from a total stranger as you were on your way to work on the bus or train. Your day had started out just another ho hum dreary Monday again for the next five days.....great. But then a smile you received out of the blue, from a total stranger, put a renewed spring in your step, a happiness from out of nowhere....and then without thinking, without expectation YOU PASSED IT ON to another.

Think about it for a second...How many times was that smile passed on during the day? How many others felt as unhappy as you did , and then having received that smile, joy re-entered their life again. Perhaps in the course of the day hundreds. Maybe those that have the desire to Heal should be the instigator of the next line of smiles. Have you

ever been in that dark part of your life when you might have been sitting sad, alone and forlorn school or at work

and someone...a stranger, a friend, a teacher maybe, has sat down beside you and inquired about your sadness? You then told them your troubles and had a little chat for a while. They then got up and left. Chances are you ended up feeling a lot better in the sharing of your burden with this kind soul. You have just met a Healer! You may even have been “that Healer” to another soul in need at some time.

Healers are all about you..everywhere you go. The real Healers just don't make a fuss. They don't say “come to me I'm

a Healer” or “look at me, look at me, feed my ego.” The real Healer never makes a public show or display of what they

do. THEY JUST DO IT and then quietly move on, not waiting to be rewarded or placed in the limelight in any way, shape

or form. Have you ever felt nervous when attending an important meeting or appointment and a nurse or receptionist has put you right at ease with a kind word or two?

Have you gone for a important interview for a job and the interviewer noticing your nervousness has gone out of their

way to made you feel relaxed and comfortable? YOU HAVE JUST MET A HEALER!

If you are capable of kindness, compassion, love and understanding, CHANCES ARE YOU ARE already A HEALER!

A healer will Heal and move on, they do not wait to see if the dis-ease will return in the future or not ...that is not their business, they are here, now, and do what needs to be done now, and then they go.

Jesus Healed because he could, not for fame, fortune or for any other material expectation or indeed to feed his ego.

Many of those he Healed no doubt stayed healed....but others still may have in time regained their old sickness back

having returned to their old habits. Jesus told those he Healed quite plainly “Go and sin no more” Meaning that if they

returned to the old ways that originally caused the problem, then they would again experience sickness and dis-


Q: How do you know when you are a Healer.

A: When you have lost all desire to be “known” as one.


From a talk on the question

“Do you believe in God”?


There have been times in all of our lives when we have been asked by one person or another the age old question Do you believe in God? This on the surface may seem a rather straight forward question and all that is required is a simple yes or no answer. But in essence it is rather more complicated than that. To be able to answer the question Do you believe in God? one must answer the question not with an answer but with another question.....Can you tell me your perception of God first please? Because until you have a in depth understanding of the questioners perception of God it is quite impossible to even attempt to answer the original question. Most times when this question is asked, by in particular a well intending religious person knocking at your door, the asker really is asking Do you believe in the same perception of God as I have? We may have, at the time, answered this question with a yes but upon stating your preferred beliefs be told in no certain terms that you are in fact quite wrong. The question really in itself is a bit of a no-brainer because of course no two people will ever have the exact same understanding on any subject at all, much the least this particular very personal question, as it is fact no two people can ever think or experience anything in the exact same manner as any other. One can for example take 10 people from the same church, group, spiritual or religious background and ask them this very same question and receive 10 completely different answers entirely. The answers of course will be coloured by race, age, gender, education, personal enlightenments or life experience' name just a few things. Even if by chance two people did answer in the very same way, using the very same words to describe God, each persons understanding of the words used would not be the same. The written language used is so limited to say the very least......and a word, or the words used to describe something learnt in a meditation or spiritual enlightenment for example may only be the best one or ones available at the time of writing, again based on the writers education, race, age, gender and so on and as we all see God in our own very own unique and personal way the question means nothing at all and the questioner themselves is rather naive in the asking of it. We may as well ask the question Do you believe there is a Ford motor car? Of course most asked would answer yes, but if asked to describe a Ford car one would have as many answers as the different kinds of Ford ever built, and even if all were asked to describe one particular model placed before their very eyes the descriptions given would each be uniquely different depending on the placement of the describer to the subject and the life circumstances that indeed would colour their vision and explanation. Much also is lost when one tries to translate a spiritual experience into the language of man for example as most of what we learn, or have learnt through an enlightenment or spiritual experience is a inner knowing & indeed quite untranslatable in full to any language mankind may have at their disposal to use. Yes we can write down on paper the experience to the best of our ability but as the written word is so greatly limited, therefore what is eventually penned can be only a partial insight of the whole truth experienced at the time. This is because the knowledge obtained is personal, meant for the receiver and the receiver alone and not intended for general consumption by the masses. Your truth is just that, your truth and each and every one of us must find this truth alone for no one else can do this for us. Many may flock to guru or pastor to find the truth but

all they sadly receive is a faded reflected image of a truth meant quite for another. At best a good teacher or way-shower can help guide you to see that which is false.......and once the false is debunked my friend then only the truth

remains YOUR TRUTH!

There is great wisdom in the saying Those that know, do not say. Those that say, do not know

The wise know that sometimes it is best to say